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Rescue Travels Hundreds of Miles for Expert Care

Wednesday, April, 11th, 2018 HLA Feed

When Benny, a nine-year-old donkey, arrived at a farm animal sanctuary, he quickly became one of the most well-loved animals onsite. But soon after arriving, concerns started growing about his health.

IRAP Therapy from A to Z

Friday, November, 3rd, 2017 HLA Feed

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses. While it is incurable, there are effective treatments available to reduce inflammation and pain associated with the disease.

Clinical Case Challenge: Blepharospasm of the Right Eye

Friday, November, 3rd, 2017 HLA Feed

History An 8-year-old spayed female Boxer was presented for a 3-week history of blepharospasm in the right eye. Her primary care veterinarian had initially diagnosed a corneal ulcer and prescribed neomycin/bacitracin/polymyxin ophthalmic ointment. The ulcer was considered healed at recheck based on lack of fluorescein stain retention. When medications were discontinued, symptoms returned, and a …

Born To Win

Wednesday, November, 1st, 2017 HLA Feed

Tufts veterinarian Rachael Gately has produced three of the last four national champion ewes.

Hunting For Answers

Wednesday, November, 1st, 2017 HLA Feed

Tufts’ experts in equine sports medicine return an owner to riding her Irish sport horse

Equine Clinical Case Challenge – Lethargy

Wednesday, September, 20th, 2017 HLA Feed

History A 2-year-old Warlander mare presented with a history of lethargy. Presentation Initial physical exam revealed a temperature of 99 degrees, heart rate ranging from 84-100 beats/minute and a respiratory rate of 16 breaths/minute. Blood work revealed a PCV of 16%, total protein of 4 g/dl and a lactate of 9.6 mmol/L. Below is the …

The Fight Against Goat Plague

Wednesday, June, 21st, 2017 HLA Feed

A Cummings School researcher is looking to wipe out a viral illness that threatens both endangered species and the livelihoods of families in the developing world An endangered subspecies of antelope that roamed the earth at the same time as woolly mammoths now hovers on the brink of extinction as a disease that normally affects …