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  • The Eco-Friendly House Cat
    Greening our pet's living space has never been easier as our experts share ideas on how to create a more Earth-friendly environment for all of us. ... read more
  • Worried about Your Horse’s Nutrition?
    There’s going to be an app for that, if two Cummings students have their way How do you build a successful app? For two veterinary students, the starting point is this: give horse owners what they need. Lauren Ungar, V19, and Mary Davis, V19, are developing an app, Nutracheck Equine, to help owners keep ... read more
  • OTC Diet is Not the Same As a Prescription Diet
    Many premium commercial pet food manufacturers now include foods that offer “novel” proteins and “limited ingredient,” “hypoallergenic” and “grain-free” formulas. ... read more
  • Understanding Food Allergies
    They are actually much more complex than most people realize, and it's very important to use a novel protein diet with the guidance of your vet. Here's why. ... read more
  • Our Cats Are Too Fat
    Researchers determine that the key to weight loss is a steady and persistent reduction in calories. ... read more