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  • The ‘Guaranteed Analysis’ Puzzle
    Decoding one of the biggest sources of confusion regarding cat food labels: Lots of numbers that are hard for pet owners to put into practical use. ... read more
  • Do Supplements for Arthritis Work?
    Experts feel that they may be helpful — and a nod is given to Omega-3 fatty acids as the best choice. Here's what you should look for. ... read more
  • Why are so many of our pets overweight?
    The Conversation US Dr. Deborah Linder examines how our relationships and interactions with our pets may be contributing to their obesity in her piece for The Conversation US. Read full article here: ... read more
  • Dear Doctor: How to Feed Kittens and their Nursing Mom
    Q I am fostering an adolescent stray mother cat and her three kittens (I picked them up when the kittens were about one-week-old) and I fed her a high-quality wet cat food the first few days. Then, I was told by a cat-loving friend that it was best to feed ... read more
  • Weight Loss Foods and Actual Calorie Count
    Today, you can find at least 50 cat foods on the market with promises on their labels that claim everything from “weight loss” to “reduced calorie” to “weight management. ... read more