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About the Pathology Service

Faculty members in the section of Pathology are involved in teaching, research and the provision of anatomic and clinical pathology services.

With highly skilled training in their field, our faculty direct and teach a number of courses in the first and second year curriculum. Fourth- year students also spend time with faculty learning how to conduct a postmortem examination (autopsy) and review principles of clinical pathology.

All faculty are also engaged in independent and collaborative research projects. Research activities in the section include studying pathology of mycobacteriosis, hepatic carcinogenesis, veterinary cancer pathobiology, hematology & clinical chemistry of exotic species, and cardiovascular pathobiology.

As clinical and anatomic pathologists, they offer support internally to the hospitals and clinics associated with Cummings Veterinary Medical Center. With the pathology service located onsite, our board-certified pathologists collaborate with and offer consultative advice to our veterinary clinicians on clinical cases in real time. They also provide consultative services for referring veterinarians, other offsite animal clinics, and through Tufts Discovery Pathology to industry and academic clients. With access to the most innovative tools and technology, they perform highly sophisticated testing to help diagnose disease, make recommendation on additional testing, dig into what led to an animal’s death, and support biomedical research and the discovery of new drugs or treatments.

The pathology section is comprised of two services:

  1. Anatomic Pathology & Histopathology
  2. Clinical Pathology

Tufts Discovery Pathology

Tufts Discovery Pathology is dedicated to helping industry and academic clients gain the most information possible from animal models to support drug discovery and biomedical research. Our ACVP-certified pathologists provide research project support to pharmaceutical and start-up companies. With a focus on discovery and early state pre-clinical trials, our work spans the entire research process, beginning with planning, preparation of grants, implementation, through the evaluation of results.

Learn more about our services and prices in Discovery Pathology

Our Doctors

  • Perry J. Bain

    Perry J. Bain
    Clinical Pathology

  • Mainity Batista Linhares

    Mainity Batista Linhares
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Gillian Beamer

    Gillian Beamer

  • Roderick T. Bronson

    Roderick T. Bronson
    Pathology, Markers of Aging

  • Joyce S. Knoll

    Joyce S. Knoll
    Hematology, Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology

  • Chun-Ming Lin

    Chun-Ming Lin
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Morgan H. Matthews

    Morgan H. Matthews
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Cesar Piedra-Mora

    Cesar Piedra-Mora
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Kara Priest

    Kara Priest
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Nicholas Robinson

    Nicholas Robinson
    Anatomic Pathology

  • Leslie C. Sharkey

    Leslie C. Sharkey
    Clinical Pathology, Cardiovascular Pathophysiology