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For Cat Owners

Articles, tips, videos and information for cat owners.

Resources for Cat Owners

Read tips and articles, watch videos and more.

Bringing your pet to Cummings Veterinary Medical Center? Find out what you need to bring, about registration, parking and more. Find out more about what to expect.

Many of you may be familiar with clinical trials used in treating human disease. In a similar way, veterinary clinical studies are being conducted to assess promising new treatments, drugs or procedures in animals. Find out more about clinical trials with animals.

Did you know veterinary hospitals have practically the same specialists and services as human hospitals? Foster Hospital has everything from critical care specialists to oncologists to internists. Learn more about our services and specialties.

Featured Articles

Peruse the latest issue of Tufts Catnip Newsletter or stories and health tips for cats.

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  • The Management of Megacolon
    Constipation is a common problem in cats. In its most severe form — called megacolon — the condition may actually require surgical intervention. ... read more
  • Nutrition Websites: The Best of the Best
    Pet Nutrition: General Information — visit Tufts’ Cummings School’s Petfoodology site, with information on everything from whether you should give fish oil to your cat to what to feed your kitten if she has a health problem to diets for certain disease conditions. You can look for any nutrition topic ... read more
  • Which Nutrition Websites to Trust
    Nutrition Websites: The Best of the Best Which Nutrition Websites to Trust Here are eight questions to ask before relying on information found on a pet nutrition website — and the sites that we find to be the most reliable. ... read more
  • Is Your Cat Anorexic?
    It's important for the cat owner to understand why the syndrome happens, the harmful effects on a cat's health — and the modern ways to stimulate appetite. ... read more
  • Is My Cat a Teenager?
    Experts now have guidelines that will help your cat be treated at the right lifestage. ... read more

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