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Courses in Diagnostic Imaging – Radiation Biology

Radiology Rounds for Residents

To answer all ACVR board objectives related to radiation physics, biology, monitoring, protection and the regulatory aspects of radiobiology. Oncology and tumor biology will not be discussed.

Radiobiology for the Radiologist 5th Ed by Eric Hall

Additional reading material:

  • Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Physics by Powsner & Powsner
  • Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography by Mary Alice Statkiewicz-Sherer
  • Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology by Curry
  • The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging by Bushberg
  • Small Animal Clinical Oncology by Withrow & MacEwen
  • Nuclear Medicine, Technology and Techniques edited by Bernier
  • Handbook of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine edited by Clifford Berry and Greg Daniel
  • Veterinary Clinics of North America Small Animal Practice: Radiation Oncology Jan 1997, 27:1 edited by Ronald Burk
  • Handouts from Dave Ruslander & Ken Rassnick
  1. Radiation Physics, Burk, Chapter 1, Bernier, Chapter 2, Bushberg, Chapter 2
  2. Radiation Physics, continued
  3. Radiation Physics, continued
  4. DNA damage and the cell cycle, Hall, Chapters 2&4
  5. Cell survival curves, Hall, Chapter 3
  6. Radiation damage repair, Hall, Chapter 5
  7. OER, RBE and LET, Hall, Chapter 6&7
  8. Total body irradiation syndromes and fetal effects of radiation, Hall, Chapter 8&12
  9. Radioprotectors, stochastic/deterministic and early/late effects of radiation, Hall Chapter 9, Chapter 10 p144-145, Chapter 13 p198, Chapter 19 p339-344
  10. Radiation protection, Hall Chapter 15
  11. Cell, tissue and tumor kinetics, Hall Chapter 21
  12. Radiation Protection: units and dose limits, Christensen Chapter 21, Statkiewicz-Sherer Chapters 3&4
  13. Radiation protection: shielding and monitoring, Statkiewicz-Sherer Chapters 8&9
  14. Catch up/review
  15. Catch up/review