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  • Sharper imaging would promote earlier diagnosis of malignancies
    Amy Sato is interviewed in this Tufts Now reprint about the benefits of using more advanced screening systems for animal cancer tests. ... read more
  • The Fault in Our Sea Stars
    Imaging technology could help thwart a disease that endangers the ocean’s ecosystem ... read more
  • Fighting a Sea Star Die-Off
    Imaging technology could help combat a disease that endangers millions of the ocean’s creatures Ocean-dwelling starfish, known more correctly as sea stars, are succumbing in droves to a recently discovered syndrome called sea star wasting disease. Fortunately, Eric Littman, V17, who spent last summer at the Seattle and Vancouver aquariums ... read more
  • Quick Action and Teamwork Lead to Happy Ending
    Background When Oliver, a 4-1/2-month-old golden retriever puppy arrived at Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings School of Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University, he had been vomiting for two days after breaking into the trash can. “You could tell he wanted to lie down, but couldn’t; he was stretching ... read more
  • Oliver’s Story
    Quick Action and Teamwork Lead to Happy Ending For Oliver, it was the quick action by the Foster Hospital for Small Animals’ emergency services team at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts, as well as their effective collaboration with the other specialists, that resulted in a happy ending for ... read more
  • CVC highlight: When to refer for advanced imaging—and when not to
    Ryan King writes this article on when it is important to refer veterinary patients for advanced imaging. ... read more
  • Is There an App for That?
    Videos and tablets facilitate veterinary students’ transition from the classroom to the clinics ... read more
  • Denise Sheldon, Senior Technician
    Denise is the Senior Technician of the Diagnostic Imaging/Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound Department at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals. She has been in the department for seven years. She said that from very early on she has always been around and involved with animals. Denise realized that animals ... read more
  • At Your Service: Interdisciplinary Team
    An Interdisciplinary Team Approach to Hepatobiliary Disease At the Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals at the Cummings School Veterinary Medicine, we rely heavily on a talented team of veterinary specialists to help treat small animals with hepatobiliary disease.  Often times, diagnosing hepatobiliary disease is a complicated process given the liver’s wide-ranging ... read more
  • Clinical Case Challenge: Diagnostic Imaging (Dog)
    History An 8 year-old spayed female Golden Retriever was referred to the Foster Hospital for Small Animals with a three-week history of right forelimb lameness. On physical examination the dog would not bear weight on the affected leg when standing and a toe touching lameness was present when walking. Pain ... read more