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  • Are essential oils dangerous to pets?
    Essential oils can be very dangerous for pets, particularly in their 100 percent concentrated form. And with essential oils’ growing popularity and the use of diffusors and warmers, which release the oils into a home’s air, pets’ risk of exposure increases. Birds are especially sensitive and should never be exposed ... read more
  • When Dogs Meet Edibles
    As marijuana becomes legal in many parts of the U.S., here’s what you need to know about keeping your dog safe. ... read more
  • A Miracle for Moose
    Dialysis helps a puppy survive eating grapes. ... read more
  • Susan Pawlak-Seaman: For beloved pup, a new leash on life
    SouthCoast Today A dog named Kandee was seen at Foster Hospital for a heart condition in March 2017. In this article, over a year after undergoing surgery for placement of a pacemaker, she is doing very well. Her family reflects back on the experience and expresses their gratitude to Tufts, ... read more
  • A Reminder About Heat
    The sun is shining and it’s a great time to head outside with your pet. Or is it? Hot weather poses special considerations for pet owners and it’s important to exercise caution to keep pets safe when the temps start to spike. Veterinarians at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals ... read more
  • Not Just for Humans Anymore
    When Rex initially collapsed, his owners were concerned that either cancer had recurred or arthritis in his shoulder was to blame. Diagnostic testing revealed that it was neither cancer nor arthritis. ... read more
  • Dog on her Way to Recovery after Spinal Stroke
    When Blitzen, a 9-year-old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd, returned to her house from outside dragging her hind legs, her owner immediately sought medical help from Foster Hospital. ... read more
  • No Excuse to Hibernate
    Jonathan Babyak, V09, an emergency veterinarian at Tufts, provides some winter dog-walking tips. ... read more
  • Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: Medication Safety for Pet Owners
    Pet medications, just like human medications, carry potential risks for accidental use or intentional abuse. Take steps to ensure that your pet’s medication is safe, secure, and only being used as prescribed. – Lock all pet medications in a safe or lock box. – Store medication in its original container. ... read more
  • Dear Doctor: Toxic Plants and Outdoor Cats
    A reader worries that her new garden might be dangerous to the stray/feral cats in her neighborhood, but her fears are largely unfounded. ... read more
  • Bad Medicine
    Beware: Some of the drugs you take for your own health are hazardous to your pets. ... read more
  • With legalization of marijuana comes danger for pets
    Elizabeth Rozanski is quoted in this article about the danger of exposing pets to marijuana. ... read more