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  • The Energizer Bunny
    Bugs adjusted to three legs quickly after an amputation to treat a life-threatening bacterial infection. ... read more
  • Belleza, an African Grey visits Foster Hospital for Small Animals
    Belleza, an African Grey, visited the ZCAM Department of the Foster Hospital for Small Animals for a check up, a beak trim and most importantly, determine sex. ... read more
  • Skippy
    Having a pet wallaby, an animal similar to a kangaroo but smaller, was a childhood dream for a New Gloucester, Maine man since watching Skippy the kangaroo on TV. But Skippy, his wallaby, developed intestinal problems that not every veterinarian could treat. Fortunately, Dr. Jennifer Graham uncovered the problem and ... read more
  • Vince’s story
    Ian Brooks cared for Vince, the American toad, beginning at the tadpole stage and was charmed by his developing personality. So he was especially concerned when a rectal prolapse became visible. Dr. Jennifer Graham, who specializes in exotic animals, came to the little guy’s rescue. And she determined that the ... read more
  • Luna’s Story
    Ovarian cysts are quite common in guinea pigs, occurring in 66–75% of female guinea pigs between 3 months and 5 years of age, with middle-aged pigs most commonly affected. ... read more
  • A healthy mouth equals a happy rabbit
    Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? A healthy mouth makes for a happy pet but it is not just dogs and cats who benefit from strong choppers. Rabbits and guinea pigs have special dental needs to consider as well. Dr. Jennifer Graham, assistant professor of ... read more