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Our Doctors and Specialists


Our Doctors & Specialists at Foster Hospital for Small Animals

  • Amanda Abelson
    Amanda Abelson
    Assistant Professor, Emergency & Critical Care and Anesthesia
  • Eric T. Alexopoulos
    Eric T. Alexopoulos
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Ramon M. Almela
    Ramon M. Almela
    Assistant Professor
  • Agustina Anson Fernandez
    Agustina Anson Fernandez
    Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Perry J. Bain
    Perry J. Bain
    Assistant Professor, Clinical Pathology
  • Jamie Balducci
    Jamie Balducci
  • Lisa G. Barber
    Lisa G. Barber
    Associate Professor, Oncology
  • Marjorie Bercier
    Marjorie Bercier
    Assistant Professor, Zoological Medicine, Conservation Medicine, One Health
  • Alexia Berg
    Alexia Berg
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Wildlife and Conservation Medicine
  • R. John Berg
    R. John Berg
  • Noa Berlin
    Noa Berlin
    Resident, Emergency Medicine & Critical Care
  • Cheryl Blaze
    Cheryl Blaze
    Hospital Director, Associate Professor Emerita
  • Stephanie Borns-Weil
    Stephanie Borns-Weil
    Clinical Instructor, Animal Behavior
  • Randy J. Boudrieau
    Randy J. Boudrieau
    Professor Emeritus
  • Colleen Marie Bourque
    Colleen Marie Bourque
    Resident, Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Roderick T. Bronson
    Roderick T. Bronson
    Professor, Pathology, Markers of Aging
  • Kristine E. Burgess
    Kristine E. Burgess
    Assistant Professor
  • Annabelle Burnum
    Annabelle Burnum
  • Lauren A. Carvalho
    Lauren A. Carvalho
  • Jessica Katherine Christianson
    Jessica Katherine Christianson
  • Valerie Colberg
    Valerie Colberg
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Francisco O. Conrado
    Francisco O. Conrado
    Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  • David Scott Conway
    David Scott Conway
  • Lilian Cornejo
    Lilian Cornejo
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Amanda Crawford
    Amanda Crawford
  • Suzanne Cunningham
    Suzanne Cunningham
    Associate Professor, Cardiology
  • Simone Cutler
    Simone Cutler
    Intern II, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Peter Czajkowski
    Peter Czajkowski
  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel
    Intern II, Neurology
  • Armelle M. de Laforcade
    Armelle M. de Laforcade
    Associate Professor, Emergency and Critical Care, Coagulation
  • Sujata J. Desai
    Sujata J. Desai
  • Ian DeStefano
    Ian DeStefano
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
  • Katherine Dittrich
    Katherine Dittrich
  • Luis Dos Santos
    Luis Dos Santos
  • Jessica Marie Eisenbarth
    Jessica Marie Eisenbarth
    Resident, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Timothy S. Estabrooks
    Timothy S. Estabrooks
  • Dominik Faissler
    Dominik Faissler
    Associate Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Claire L. Fellman
    Claire L. Fellman
    Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology
  • Jenelle M  Francis
    Jenelle M Francis
  • Lisa Freeman
    Lisa Freeman
    Professor, Clinical Nutrition
  • Kimberly Freid
    Kimberly Freid
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Miranda S Gallo
    Miranda S Gallo
  • Heather L. Gardner
    Heather L. Gardner
    Assistant Research Professor, Oncology Clinical Trials
  • Shaile Gehrke
    Shaile Gehrke
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Kelsey J. Goode
    Kelsey J. Goode
  • Carlos M. Gradil
    Carlos M. Gradil
    Reproductive Consultant in Theriogenology/Reproduction
  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham
    Associate Professor, Director Zoological Companion Animal Medicine
  • Julia L Graham
    Julia L Graham
  • Shelley Hahn
    Shelley Hahn
    Assistant Professor, Pathology
  • Rebekah Leigh Joyner
    Rebekah Leigh Joyner
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Emily Tompkins Karlin
    Emily Tompkins Karlin
    Assistant Professor, Cardiology
  • W. Michael Karlin
    W. Michael Karlin
    Assistant Professor
  • Michele A.  Keyerleber
    Michele A. Keyerleber
    Associate Professor
  • Mackenzie A. Kilbourn
    Mackenzie A. Kilbourn
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Ryan G.P. King
    Ryan G.P. King
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Joyce S. Knoll
    Joyce S. Knoll
    Associate Professor, Interim Department Chair
  • Michael P. Kowaleski
    Michael P. Kowaleski
  • Emily Krieger
    Emily Krieger
  • Raymond K. Kudej
    Raymond K. Kudej
  • Manabu Kurihara
    Manabu Kurihara
    Resident, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Mary Labato
    Mary Labato
    Clinical Professor
  • Joey N. LaMastro
    Joey N. LaMastro
    Intern II, Cardiology
  • Yao Lee
    Yao Lee
    Resident, Anatomic Pathology
  • Elyzabeth Lemieux
    Elyzabeth Lemieux
  • Deborah E. Linder
    Deborah E. Linder
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Katherine Stowe Logwood
    Katherine Stowe Logwood
  • Cheryl London
    Cheryl London
    Research Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Anne Engen and Dusty Professorship in Comparative Oncology
  • Katherine E. Lopez
    Katherine E. Lopez
  • Marisa Lourenco
    Marisa Lourenco
    Resident, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Orla Mahony
    Orla Mahony
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Sean B. Majoy
    Sean B. Majoy
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Katrina Claire Manson
    Katrina Claire Manson
  • Amanda Jezek Martinot
    Amanda Jezek Martinot
    Assistant Professor
  • Crystal L. Matt
    Crystal L. Matt
    Intern II, Zoological Companion Animal Service
  • Robert McCarthy
    Robert McCarthy
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Emily McCobb
    Emily McCobb
    Clinical Associate Professor, Director, Shelter and Community Medicine, Assistant Director, Center for Animals and Public Policy
  • Katelyn K. McFadden
    Katelyn K. McFadden
    Resident, Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Katherine A. McKean
    Katherine A. McKean
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Gretchen P. McLinden
    Gretchen P. McLinden
    Intern II, Clinical Trials
  • Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova
    Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Gabrielle C. Minter
    Gabrielle C. Minter
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Amy Marie Molitoris
    Amy Marie Molitoris
  • Thiago Rinaldi Muller
    Thiago Rinaldi Muller
    Resident, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Jessica Murray
    Jessica Murray
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Sarah J. Nath
    Sarah J. Nath
    Resident, Neurology
  • Eline Alexandra Nijveldt
    Eline Alexandra Nijveldt
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Christina E. Orona
    Christina E. Orona
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Nicola  Parry
    Nicola Parry
    Clinical Associate Professor, Section Head – Pathology
  • Dominique G. Penninck
    Dominique G. Penninck
  • Alexandra Pfaff
    Alexandra Pfaff
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Stefano Pizzirani
    Stefano Pizzirani
    Associate Professor
  • Adam Powers
    Adam Powers
    Resident, Anatomic Pathology
  • Sumana R. Prabhakar
    Sumana R. Prabhakar
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Kara Priest
    Kara Priest
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Stephanie A. Pumphrey
    Stephanie A. Pumphrey
    Assistant Professor
  • Kris N. Ramdass
    Kris N. Ramdass
    Resident, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Rebecca Reader
    Rebecca Reader
    Assistant Professor
  • Jonjo Reece
    Jonjo Reece
  • Virginia T. Rentko
    Virginia T. Rentko
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Julianne N. Richard
    Julianne N. Richard
  • Elizabeth A. Rozanski
    Elizabeth A. Rozanski
    Associate Professor
  • John E. Rush
    John E. Rush
  • Abbey Sadowski
    Abbey Sadowski
  • Amy F. Sato
    Amy F. Sato
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Kristin Sawyer
    Kristin Sawyer
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Devyn  Schultz
    Devyn Schultz
    Small Animal Rotating Intern
  • Leslie C. Sharkey
    Leslie C. Sharkey
    Professor, Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Adam M Shoelson
    Adam M Shoelson
  • Mauricio Solano
    Mauricio Solano
    Assistant Professor
  • Jenelle Soppet
    Jenelle Soppet
  • Catherine N Stecyk
    Catherine N Stecyk
  • Rebecca Stein
    Rebecca Stein
    Resident, Small Animal Medicine
  • Tiffany Stockman
    Tiffany Stockman
    Resident, Small Animal Surgery
  • Michael S. Stone
    Michael S. Stone
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Gregory J. Tambini
    Gregory J. Tambini
    Resident, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Clare Timothy
    Clare Timothy
  • Ane Uriarte
    Ane Uriarte
    Assistant Professor
  • Annie Shea Wayne
    Annie Shea Wayne
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Cynthia R. L. Webster
    Cynthia R. L. Webster
    Professor, Associate Chair of Research
  • Lois Wetmore
    Lois Wetmore
    Assistant Professor
  • Emily P. Wheeler
    Emily P. Wheeler
  • Carrie A. Wood
    Carrie A. Wood
    Clinical Instructor
  • Florian Wuillemin
    Florian Wuillemin
  • Vicky K. Yang
    Vicky K. Yang
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Cece Zhu
    Cece Zhu
    Small Animal Rotating Intern

Do you have emergency?

The Emergency Service at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you and your pet. We serve central Massachusetts as a primary emergency hospital, and New England and beyond for referral of critically ill or injured pets.

Henry & Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University
55 Willard St.
N. Grafton, MA 01536
Fax: 508-839-7951
Pharmacy: 508-887-4850


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