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COVID-19 Guidance: Guidance and operational updates for Cummings School and its veterinary teaching hospitals

Tufts Discovery Pathology: Current Pricing

Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) Code Price
Wet tissue in cassette to H&E slide Routine H&E $11/slide
Wet tissue in cassette to paraffin block only Embed $5/block
Unstained slide from paraffin block Recut $5/slide
Wet oversized tissue (eye, etc.) to H&E Oversize H&E $17/slide
Wet oversized tissue to paraffin block only Oversize embed $8/block
Unstained recuts from oversized block Oversize recut $7/slide
Paraffin cell block from cultured cells Cell block $31/block
Decalcification <24 hr Decal short $6/tissue
Decalcification >24 hr Decal long $12/tissue
Fresh tissue to OCT block OCT embed $12/block
Unstained slides from OCT block OCT mount $5/slide
All tissue stains from slide as below
H&E from unstained slide (paraffin or frozen) H&E only $7/slide
H&E from paraffin block Section, H&E $8/slide
Special stains, non-silver Special $12/slide
Silver stains Silver $20/slide
Immunohistochemistry (you supply antibody) IHC $35/slide
Immunohistochemistry (we stock antibody – inquire) IHC + Ab $50/slide
Mouse-on-mouse (ARK kit) in addition to std IHC charge ARK $15/slide
IHC: New antibody validation IHC New $300/Ab
Professional services
Antibody and special reagent purchase Purchase Cost + 15%
Technician: Tissue trimming, special requests, etc. Tech time $60/hr